La Torre Rural Home

La Torre is a spacious, comfortable and luxurious villa that is located in the center of the town of Fuente de Piedra.

It presents a characteristic architecture, which gives it a peculiar aspect, according to which some clients may remember a church, Torre del Castillo, etc … In its construction there are employees of first quality materials.

La Torre is a house – villa with a privileged location within the town, it is located in the center of the town, only 150 meters from the church and the downtown bars and restaurants area, next to the town school, in a quiet area, opposite the main supermarket in the town which is very comfortable for your product of your stay and only 50 meters from the Health Center. It is only 500 meters from the Laguna de Fuente de Piedra, you can go quietly and from there you can hike, it is in the highest part of the town and rises next to the amplitude of its terraces and height of the construction , endow the Tower with the incomparable views of beautiful and reddish sunsets, from where to contemplate the Lagoon. In the summer you can enjoy beautiful experiences many afternoons when you see the flamingo bands fly over your own house at low altitude, you can see them and hear almost all the sunsets without the need of binoculars.

La Torre's surroundings

Currently one of the main attractions of Fuente de Piedra, in its excellent geographical location, is very well connected, in the geographical center of Andalusia. Accessible to the main cities of Andalusia in an hour by highway and within a very important natural environment and full of history, we will pass through a new section, because it is worth it.

Fuente de Piedra is a town of 2,700 inhabitants, located in the north of the province of Malaga, bordering other provinces such as Seville; This town is called mainly because in its environment there is the largest lagoon in Andalusia with 1,400 Hectares. It is a unique place because Flamenco Rosa and many other species nest, it is the only colony in Spain where this species is reproduced. It is located in the lagoon in an incomparable paradise between cereal fields and olive groves, visible almost from any point of the municipality even at great distances, given its size. In the Laguna de Fuente de Piedra is located the largest common flamingo colony in the Iberian Peninsula and the second in importance in Europe, after the Camagüey in the province of Provence in France. As you can imagine it is a spa for the passage of a great variety of migratory birds, that all lovers of ornithology and those in love with nature in general will appreciate.

Fuente de Piedra was already known in ancient Rome for the healing properties of its waters, which give the town its name. There are vestiges and evidence of the large number of properties that contain water from its source, according to the history capable of curing kidney diseases such as the well-known “stone” or the painful nephroliths or kidney stone. That’s why the town is called calling La Fuente de la Piedra. Alluding to the water that cured the disease of the stone. The water of this town was exported to Rome in ancient times 2,000 years ago, nowadays the restoration of that source is conserved, but we do not have that quality of water unfortunately.

Interesting places

City of Antequera

Caminito del Rey

Antequera's dolmens

El Torcal de Antequera

Enjoy an awsome house on the beautiful surroundings of the Laguna de Fuente de Piedra.

A privileged place for nature and birds lovers.

Characteristics of La Torre

A la entrada de La Torre podrá contemplar dos columnas, que son parte de la historia de Fuente de Piedra. Son dos columnas toscanas pareadas de mármol, sobre basamento. Son parte de la historia de esta localidad, ambas provienen de la antigua Casa-palacio de los marqueses de Fuente de Piedra del siglo XVIII ya derruida hace unos 30 años. Durante más de dos siglos fue la construcción más importante en la localidad. Lo único que de esta queda se conserva son sus columnas a la entrada de la Torre casa rural. Dicha casa Palacio estaba ubicada a tan solo 50 metros de La Torre.

Esta vivienda tiene capacidad para un máximo de 14 personas. La parcela donde está construida cuenta con una superficie 1.200 metros y está formada por dos casas.

La casa principal se compone de 3 plantas, la última de ellas, es la imagen más característica de esta ya que tiene forma de Torre. En la zona de jardines, se sitúa una segunda y amplia vivienda de planta baja.

Para ofrecerles a nuestros huéspedes la mayor intimidad y puesto que los espacios comunes son compartidos, siempre se alquilarán las dos viviendas.

At the entrance of La Torre you can see two columns, which are part of the history of Fuente de Piedra. They are two Tuscan columns paired with marble, on a base. They are part of the history of this town, both come from the old palace-house of the Marquises of Fuente de Piedra from the 18th century and which was demolished some 30 years ago. For more than two centuries it was the most important construction in the town. The only thing that remains of this is preserved are its columns at the entrance of the Torre rural house. Said Casa Palacio was located only 50 meters from La Torre.

This house has capacity for a maximum of 14 people. The plot where it is built has a surface 1,200 meters and consists of two houses.

The main house consists of 3 floors, the last of which is the most characteristic image of this one since it has the shape of a tower. In the garden area, there is a second large ground floor apartment.

To offer our guests the greatest privacy and since the common spaces are shared, the two houses will always be rented.

Inside of La Torre

  • Maximum capacity of both houses: 14 people. Extra beds available on request and at an additional cost.
  • We have 4 rooms in the main house.
  • 2 with 150 cm double bed, equipped with ceiling fan and heating radiator. One of them also has a fireplace.
  • 1 with 150 cm double bed and trundle bed, equipped with ceiling fan and heating radiator.
  • 1 with double bed with air conditioning cold and heat.
  • The garden house consists of 2 rooms.
  • 1 with double bed, equipped with ceiling fan and heating radiator.
  • 1 in the shape of an attic with two 90 cm beds.
  • Sheets, towels and blankets are free to use for all clients
  • Free WIFI
  • Large dining rooms equipped with hot and cold air conditioning and fireplaces in each home.
  • Two kitchens located one in each house, equipped with all the utensils you may need. And with access to the garden area.
  • Sauna, available upon request and at an additional cost.
  • Safe, large capacity and high quality, on request and free.
  • Video intercom
  • Large terraces and large windows that give rise to spectacular views of the lagoon and its magical sunsets.

La Torre's exterior

  • Wooden pergola, occupies an area of ​​90 meters, with a dining table for 14 people and their corresponding chairs.
  • Pool of 40 m2, with night lighting and shower.
  • Comfortable lounge chairs, padded and specific area of ​​lawn for the pool.
  • Chillout area, raised on the lawn, has comfortable rattan armchairs.
  • Exterior toilet.
  • Barbecue and paella of various sizes. Up to 20 people
  • Play area Completely free board games available. In addition to inflatable castle and trampoline upon request.
  • Private garage At the door of the house you can park without difficulty. Optionally, we offer this service for a maximum of 5 vehicles upon request.
  • Large and quiet garden area with fruit trees, aromatic plants and vine with grapes. To enjoy the latter, under the vine you will find a large round table of wrought iron and glass with 4 comfortable armchairs. A place that invites conversation and to taste these fruits.
  • Beautiful and exotic birdhouse with several species of exotic and native birds all born in our facilities.

Summary of activities in La Torre

  • Visit Málaga, Granada, Sevilla or Córdoba.
  • Fair of the town and bordering towns.
  • Visit the Chorro, do climbing, kayak, windsurfing or hiking.
  • Make the famous and picturesque route of Caminito del Rey.
  • Visit the city of Antequera and its Dolmens or El Torcal.l
  • Ride in a balloon in Antequera.
  • Perform paragliding in El Valle de Abdalajís or Algodonales.
  • Fishing in Riofrío.
  • Multiadventure in the Genil River, through the area of Villanueva de Algaidas, rafting, etc.

Do not hesitate to ask for any other activity you wish to do.

Within La Torre you can perform the following activities:

  • Bicycle. You can have several bicycles for a minimum cost, check availability beforehand.
  • Telescope, its use is free, upon request.
  • Live performances. We collaborate with local and local artists, in the following modalities: flamenco, copla, country music, techno .. Check prices and availability for action.
  • Events The space is very suitable for any family celebration or with friends. We have a kitchen in the garden house very spacious with indoor barbecue within the kitchen and industrial extractor. If you wish, you can check availability and price.
  • Sample of birds of prey. They will be able to get in contact with these birds learning some notions of breeding, training and photographing themselves with them. Check availability and price.
  • Projector cinema screen with Hifi audio system. This option will be available for the next fall-winter season.

How to arrive at La Torre

Regarding road communications:

  • It has the luck to be perfectly communicated by Autovía A92, and other regional and regional roads that converge in this town: A-7279; MA-6408
    Regarding public transport:
  • Train station.
    The house is only five minutes away from an Ave station, which connects Seville-Málaga-Córdoba-Granada-Madrid. 10 minutes from Bobadilla station, which is the most important connection node of Ferrocarriles in Andalusia. In Fuente de Piedra we also have a station, where formerly there were train stops, but currently not for the train.
  • Bus.
    The town has only two minutes walking from the Tower, a bus stop, a regular bus line, which links the capitals of Malaga and Seville, buses stop in Antequera and in a nearby town like Humilladero and Mollina.
  • Airports:

* International airport of Malaga, is only 73 km by highway from the Tower. About 45 minutes of travel. Through the Freeway (A45), which is free.

* Granada International Airport, this airport is about 90 km by highway from the Tower. About 50 minutes of travel. It is reached through the Freeway (A92), also free and passes through the same town of Fuente de Piedra.

* Seville International Airport, It is about 140 km and can also be reached by the A92 motorway. You arrive in 1h 15        ‘ approximately.

* Jerez International Airport, This city is located at a distance from the Tower of about 160 kmts. You reach this city in about two hours.

In all these airports, as usual, there are multiple services offered by companies that offer rental cars.

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  • AddressC/ Camino de la Estación, nº 3,
    29520, Fuente de Piedra, Málaga
  • Phone+34 666 407 343